Wärtsilä Propeller Shaft Seal    
    ManeBar E Series for small to medium shafts    

ManeBar seals are simple, robust and reliable.

They are cost effective having a lower through life cost than other sealing systems.

ManeBar seals can absorb high and low frequency vibrations and also axial and radial shaft movements well beyond the range of other seals.

Shaft and shaft liner wear is eliminated, thus removing the necessity of costly shaft removal and component refurbishment or replacement.

Seals are easy to install, inboard seals simply clamp to the shaft, compression tools required for fitting are supplied.
Outboard seals are compressed and driven by the propeller.

Outboard seals are very robust and therefore more resistant to damage caused by ropes, nets etc. than standard lip type seals.

The seals can be used on CP and FP propeller systems.

ManeBar seals also have many years successful experience on all types of Thrusters and are used as standard fit by the leading manufactures of this equipment.

ManeBar seals are approved by all the major classification societies.


The ManeBar E Series seals are designed for robust and reliable service in small to medium sized vessels such as trawlers, coasters, dredges, tugs and offshore supply vessels.
These extremely durable seals completely overcome the limitations of packing and stuffing boxes which are associated with worn shafts or liners, leaking gland plates and continuous maintenance.
Design simplicity provides maximum sealing with leakage virtually eliminated. ManeBar seals accommodate large axial, radial and angular movements

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    EL Type - partially split Inboard Seal  
The ManeBar EL seal is used inboard on oil lubricated sterntube systems. Its split, removable face and optional split seat, means that maintenance can be easily and quickly conducted, without shaft removal. The seal can be supplied with an inflatable bellows to allow overhauls to be conducted with the vessel afloat.
EJ Type - non-split Inboard Seal
The ManeBar EJ seal is used inboard on oil lubricated sterntube systems.
Available for shafts from 50mm to 330mm diameter.
The EJ seal can also be used as a Rudder Stock seal.
EK Type - non-split Outboard Seal
The ManeBar EK seal is used on oil lubricated systems. The standard material combination is Manetex fibre face and Ni-resist iron seat, however options of Carbon and Silicon Carbide are available for abrasive conditions.
Available for shafts from 50mm to 330 mm diameter.
Wartsila now have a seal identification system for all of their seals based on type of seal, number of sealing elements and service type. The ManeBar EJ inboard seal is now Sternguard OFS1R-N-Z and the EK Outboard seal is the OFS1R-N.
However you can still order them from us as and ManeBar EJ or EK seal and stating the shaft diameter.

O = Oil
F = Face type seal
S = Shaft

1 = Number of sealing interfaces
R = Rubber Body/Bellows
N = Non-servicable in situ
Z = Inboard
General sizes:


  Also available, Wärtsilä PSE & FSE seal for water lubricated sterntubes.

Also available from C.E.& A. Co.
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