CEA-Seal Propeller Shaft Seal
    C.E.& A. Co.'s own design and manufactured seal.    

The CEA-Seal is a simple, robust, low cost compression type oil seal suitable for propeller shafts from 2" to 10" diameter.
Manufactured from marine grade gun metal and a specially formulated neoprene rubber the CEA-Seal has now been fitted to many hundreds of vessels around the Australasian region.
These seals can be fitted both outboard and inboard. For the inboard seal a cooling jacket is required and a shaft clamp and compression assembly.

Our Inboard Shaft Seal Assembly comprises custom manufactured Cooling Jacket, CEA-Seal, Compression Plate/Compression Springs/Shaft Clamp. The Cooling Jacket also incorporates sterntube Oil Drain and Oil Vent.

To compliment the Inboard Shaft Seal Assembly we have an Oil Feed System comprising Gravity Oil Feed Tank and a Manual 'Flow-Thru' pump.

Inboard CEA-Seals arrangement with
Cooling Jacket and Shaft Clamp
CEA-Seal sizes
Seal No. Minimum Shaft Diameter Maximum Shaft Diameter Overall Seal Diameter Seal Width
#2 50 66 149 76
#3 67 89 175 76
#4 90 111 197 76
#5 112 134 219 76
#6 135 156 241 76
#7 157 179 264 76
#8 180 203 294 94
#9 204 229 324 94
#10 229 254 349 94
all sizes in millimeters

All seals are custom finished to the required shaft diameter. Seals #2 to #6 despatched within 25 hours of receipt of order, seals #7 to #10 despatched within 48 hours (conditions apply)


In addition to our standard CEA-Seal we can also supply a modified No 9 seal as a direct replacement to the early Carrington Slipway manufactured seal.
This seal was fitted to many vessels built at Carringtons in Newcastle, NSW during their many years of operation.
Our No 9C will replace the seals on a 204 to 228mm shaft with a propeller mount of 12 x 1/2" holes on 335mm PCD.

We have also produced a mould to manufacture a replacement rubber insert for this seal. Only one size has been produced but if you have a vessel with a Carrington's seal fitted, talk to us and we will see if we can help.

Original Carrington Seal Replacement Rubber for Carrington Seal No.9C CEA-Seals
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