Vickers Marine Oils

Vickers Oils manufacture a range of lubricants for a number of specialised marine applications.

Here we give an introduction to the range which is fully supported
by a high standard of technical service.

Vickers traces its history back to 1828 and remains to this day a private independent company. Today Vickers enjoys a worldwide reputation as a long-standing reliable supplier of high performance, speciality marine lubricants which are supported by exemplary service levels.

In recent years Vickers has focussed strongly on the development of Environmentally Adapted Lubricants, which have been designed to minimise impact on the marine environment. Vickers are acknowledged as market leaders in this field.

Speciality grades are available for Sterntubes, Thrusters, Stabilisers, CPP's and Hydraulic Systems and are made available worldwide via a network stockists and agents.

At C.E.& A. Co. our association with Vickers started in the late 1940's when Gerry and Betty Matthews (our company founders) met whilst working there, and we have been the Australian Agent/Stockist since the 1970's.

2002 Vickers Oils became the first company to make Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) commercially available to the global marine market, in response to requests from concerned customers who wished to minimise the potential impact of their operations on the marine environment.

Eleven years later the use of EALs in below-the-waterline equipment was mandated for vessels calling in US waters by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in its 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP).

In addition to improving environmental credentials, the use of EALs in one way in which vessel operators can achieve real cost saving benefits through superior performance.

Vickers Oils EALs offer vessel operators the following distinct benefits:
* Meet the requirements of the 2013 VGP.
* Offer superior performance compared to conventional lubricants.
* Have been used by some operators as evidence of continuous improvement for compliance programmes such as ISO 14001 and TMSA.
* Enhance corporate reputation and demonstrate operator's Corporate Social Responsibility.
* Offer a mitigating factor in some cases of accidental leakage.


With the appearance of a growing number of regulatory requirements and initiatives mandating or incentivising the adoption of EALs, Vickers Oils have the experience and expertise to ease transition from mineral lubricants, and deliver cost efficiency and performance benefits in the process.
The unique Properties and Benefits of Hydrox Sterntube Lubricants
Damage Prevention
When water ingress occurs in sterntube and thrusters, HYDROX forms stable emulsions that continue to provide the required corrosion protection. Conventional oils do do emulsify in the same way and tend to separate, exposing components to free water and potential damage.
Seal Compatibility
All HYDROX grades are designed to be suitable for use with elastomeric materials used for sealing. They have been extensively tested by leading sterntube seal manufacturers. Details of specific approvals are available on request.
Widely Stocked
HYDROX grades are available through an international network of agents in major world ports.
Superior Lubrication
The premium lubrication performance of HYDROX is substantially maintained even when large amounts of water are present. In contrast, conventional oil provides a poor standard of lubrication in the presence of water.
Wear (mm)
  0% Seawater 10% Seawater 20% Seawater
 Engine Oil 0.49 1.00 Seizure
 HYDROX 550 0.32 0.43 0.55
 HYDROX BIO 68 0.45 0.53 0.53
 HYDROX 21 0.34 0.40 0.54
Cost Saving
By using HYDROX, owners and managers can avoid the costs and disruption of unscheduled repairs and maintenance caused by water ingress or outboard seal leakage.
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Explore the range of innovative, high performance
and Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs)
CPP Fluids Sterntube Lubricants Stabiliser Lubricants Hydraulic Fluids Thruster Lubricants Greases
Ecosure HSE 32 Hydrox Bio 68* Hydrox Bio 68* Ecosure HSE 32 Biogear XP 68 Biogrease EP2
Ecosure HSE 46 Hydrox Bio 100* Hydrox Bio 100* Ecosure HSE 46 Biogear XP 100 9268 WRD
Ecosure HSE 68 Hydrox Bio 220* Hydrox Bio 220* Ecosure HSE 68 Biogear XP 150 Neox DT*
Ecosure HSE 100 Hydrox 550* Hydrox Bio 550* Ecosure HSE 100 Hydrox  8EP* Neox DTX*
Biogear XP 68 Hydrox 21* Hydrox Bio 21* - Hydrox EP 150* -
- Neox D* Neox D* - - * = available ex Australia
- Neox 8000* Ecosure HSE 68 Click on the product of interest to go to the Vickers Oils specification page
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Propeller Shaft and Rudder Bearings Propeller Shafts
Sterntubes Rudder Carrier Bearings
Oil Lubricated Shaft Seals Deck Machinery
Water Lubricated Shaft Seal Chockfast Orange
Spurs - Rope, Net and Weed Cutter Polyflex - Engine Mounts and Couplings
  Arctic Steel Water Strainers
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